Advisory Council

3400 N. Rockwell

Chicago, IL 60618

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The mission of the Clark Park Advisory Council is to act as a steward for the existing park and to advocate for the proposed expansion zone of the park to be purchased and to include the wooded area to the south of the park and the vacant acreage to the west of Lane Tech.

Historically, after Riverview Park was closed, to and south and east of the part sprouted two small stands of cottonwood, elm buckthorn, mulberry, and other trees which became a home for a variety of birds and provided a natural looking environment that framed the park. When the eastern stand of trees was cut down for a concrete crushing project, the neighborhood successfully objected and the project was stopped. A key part of the mission of the advisory council is to further beautify and improve the southern stand of trees and to connect the eastern portion into the design of the park.

Further, the mission of the advisory council, is to work with elected officials, community organizations and the park district, to achieve a "campus design" for the Clark Park and its proposed expanded borders, to tie in the riverfront, riverwalk, and proposed amenities to the surrounding educational and business institutions, and to make the expanded park useful and integral to the larger community. The effect of the proposed design should include large areas of greens space, a wooded area, additional sports fields for soccer, baseball and other sports, passive areas for bird, nature and river enjoyment, walking and bike paths, and possibly include permanent improvements such as a field house, bathrooms, and a multipurpose sports facility.

The overall impetus and motivation of the advisor council has been to protect the beautiful, wild nature of the park by encouraging native planting, restoration and protection of the riverbank, expansion of greenways within the park, institution of savannah and prairie into the design of the park, improvement of the mix of trees in the wooded area, inclusion of bird/wildlife and fish habitat, and to highlight the intrinsic beauty of "Chicago's second lakefront" the Chicago River.

To these ends and in service of our mission statement, the advisory council has been involved in an extensive series of meetings and presentations wit government, civic, educational and community groups, to clarify and promote the improvement and development of Clark Park. We are involved in an extensive proposed design of the park and surrounding areas, which has been prepared with council member and community input and is being further refined by public surveys and input from interest groups and individuals, which is ongoing.

Finally, the advisory council has been active as a long time steward for the maintenance and community involvement in the park. We hold biannual cleanups, reports on issues at the park, support programming at the Park, promote development, and represent the interest of the park to the Park District.


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